Kathy's Favorite, Sharp Trailer
All Aluminum Frame 7x14 VDC
Tamdem Wedge Front ,  With Bike Package (with Ramp Door) 9- 5,000# D-Rings,
2 pingle chocks, 2 extra 12 volt lights total 6,
1 extra wall switch total 2,  Stone guard, Ramp door, RV style side door with Key Latch & Dead Bolt , 1 roof vent,  treated floor, lots of   polished   aluminum on top and on Wedge.     7x14....$.  Plus 2 Side wall Vents is good option  $45.,

All Aluminum Frame & Skin
Kathy's Favorite, Sharp Trailer
7x14 Wedge Front VDC With Ramp Bike Package
7x14 Plus the 3 ½’ wedge 7x17 approx box size
Aluminum Tread plate on sides of trailer
Tandem Axle with All (4) wheel brakes  4 lights,2 wall switches,  Stone guard, 1 roof vent, treated floor, lots of polished aluminum on side top and on Wedge.  6'6" inside  Side Door with RV Style Door Latch  9- 5,000# D-Rings in floor3 rolls of 3 for Bikes or ATV or what ever,

Shown 7x14 Tandem Axel
  Aluminum Frame 

  Factory pickup prices
7x12...$.    7x14....$.      7x16....$.   correct 12-30-2009 RW