Buying from USA factories

Taking back to Canada or Mexico

We have some customers  that have gone over the border back to Canada with just the bill of sale and a photocopy of the C of O ( title).
You need to check where you will be going over the border if this is OK.

Then the factory mails us the title after you pay balance and we fill it out and mail to you.

If you need to have the C of O ( Title for trailer) with you when you go across the border. And the bill of sale.

The only way to do it is pay for trailer in advance before you go to factory to get it. When the factory is paid for trailer they mail us the title. Unless you pickup trailer on our lot in New Castle, Indiana and we fill out title.

Then we mail you the C of O ( title) so you have it with you when you go pick up the trailer. Then you have title with you at the border to go across with the trailer.

If you pickup trailer and pay at factory they will not give you the title. Only a copy if needed.
They mail us the title to fill out and we send title to you.

That takes 4-5 days or so to mail to us then we mail to you.
Then you don't have it with you to go across the border.

The trailer factories can not fill out the title in your name.
They are not license to fill out to customer. Only a licensed dealer.

Canadian Registrar of Imported Vehicles requires proof of recall clearance documentation. The factory will give you one.

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